Michigan Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

Michigan Species, Status & Regulations

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Table Key

SN -- species of greatest conservation need
SC -- special concern*
T -- threatened
E -- endangered
NE -- not evaluated
* note: All Michigan amphibian and reptile species designated as "special concern" are protected from take under a MDNR Director's Order (DFI 166.93 of 1993).

* note: Michigan still currently uses historically accepted frog and toad nomenclature.
Bufo = Anaxyrus
Rana = Lithobates
The recognition of Anaxyrus as a genus distinct from Bufo is highly controversial, and has not been accepted by many herpetologists working with this group. References to North American true frogs as either Rana or Lithobates are both technically correct as Frost et al. 2006 redefined North American amphibians with Lithobates potentially being the new genus